A composer specializing in music for film and games, also working on music visualization, audio programming and classical contemporary concert music. Her compositions are influenced by different genres of music from all over the world and capture and express differences in values, views on human rights, psychology and ideological trends throughout different cultures. Her music has been performanced in Taipei (Taiwan), Strasbourg (France), Karlsruhe, Leipzig, and Dessau (Germany).


Teaching Content: 


For beginner and intermediate level, I will arrange suitable methods for individuals to improve piano skills. Additionally, music aesthetic, musical theory and history also will mix into the lessons. 


The teaching contents include basic music theory, harmony, music form, orchestration, and music writing. 

Logic Pro

Logic Pro as a virtual instrument and audio editor, it’s the basic tool to use to arrange, mix and create music in different genres. I can offer different methods to make virtual instruments sound authentic, and various ways to mix audio.

Audio Programming (Supercollider)

Supercollider is an environment and programming language  for real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. I can offer a basic idea of what audio programming is, and the important objects to create electronic music. 

Music Visualizazion (Processing 3)

Processing is a free graphical library and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts, new media art, and visual design. I can introduce basic programming logic to connect audio with media art. 


Possible Projects

  • Music for Film
  • Music for Game
  • Audio Mixing
  • Arrangement
  • Songwriting
  • Audio Logos

PS. No genre limitation

Price: 40 euro per hour



2022 – Doctor of Musicology, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (HfMT Hamburg), Germany

  • Dissertation Subject: Musical Composition and Perception of VR games

2018 – 2021 Master of Music Informatics, University of Music Karlsruhe (HfM Karlsruhe), Karlsruhe, Germany

2017 – 2018 Master of Musicology , University of Strasbourg (Université de Strasbourg), Strasbourg, France

2017 Language Certificate — Level B2, Catholic University of the West (Université catholique de l’Ouest), Angers, France

2011 – 2015 Bachelor of Musicology and Composition, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China

  • Bachelor Thesis:  “Application of the movement of parallel harmony in the orchestral work of Debussy“.

2014 Bachelor Exchange Student of Composition, University of Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan


 01.09.2021 – 24.11.2021 Media Art Project, UNESCO City of Media Arts, Karlsruhe

  • “City to City” – Play! — a project that is organized by 14 media art cities of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. 

 20.06.2021 Online Concert Stream at Effekte Festival, Karlsruhe

  • A pre-recorded concert stream with pieces related to scientific phenomena – Music Visualization and EEG data processing: “Intrigued Brain

29.01.2021 Online Concert Stream at HfM Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe

  •  IMWI Sample – Music Visualization and EEG data processing: “Intrigued Brain“, Music for Film : “Subkiss

21.08.2020 International Experimental Project of Composition  at Art of Virus

  • The Art of Virus is an initiative using music to model the spread of a pandemic, the mutation of a virus, its latency, disappearance, and re-appearance […].

08.11.2019 – 09.11.2019 Music for Film Presentation at Town Partner Meeting of the Fall of the Wall, Nancy, France

  • Workshop for film music creation with the lecturer Steve Aptel
  • Screening at the IECA of films, Including “Sectors Belin Wall”

15.10.2019 – 20.10.2019 Concert Tour and Master Class at Impuls Festival Neue Musik Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany and France

  • Classical contemporary composition: “Diagonal Symphony” Conducted by Jean-Philippe Wurtz with Ensemble Tempus Konnex und Linea in Dessau, Leipzig, Strasbourg
  • Master Class with Annette Schlünz

18.07.2019 Concert  at HfM Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe

  • Institutsabend –  Composition for Fixed Media: “The Flood

13.05.2019 Volunteer Assistance at HfM Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe

  • KinderMusikFest (Children Music Festival)— Introduced Motion Tracking System

04.04.2019 – 07.04.2019 Film Music Workshop and Master Class at Independent Days Film Festival, Karlsruhe

28.05.2018 Concert  at Conservatoire de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France

  • Classical Contemporary Composition: “Flot de la Conscience”, performed by Orchestre d’harmonie junior du Conservatoire de Strasbourg